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澳洲5分彩开奖结果APP下载-2023澳洲幸运五开奖直播 Buffet Series | Season 3 Trailer

Thu Jun 22nd 2023

It’s finally here!  Check out this sneak peek at Season 3 of the Buffet Series. This season the stories span the four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring chasing trout and Grayling as well as final episode exploring the salt on the flats of Belize. The first episode will be landing on Fly Fusion Streaming on June 29.  Make sure to subscribe today so you will be notified when episodes land!

Make sure to check out the folks at Capture Adventure Media by visiting @gilbertrowley on Instagram – they will be hosting a series of giveaways in conjunction with the launch of Season 3 episodes!  Get in on the chance to win a Thomas and Thomas Fly Rod, Lamson Reel, Scientific Anglers Line, Leader, and Tippet Package, $50 Gift Card to Rep Your Water, Rainy’s Fly Assortment, Tactical Fly Fisher Swag Package and 5 One Year Subscriptions to Fly Fusion Magazine!

There will be 9 winners each week for five weeks = 45 WINNERS!

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Fusion Weevil

Wed Jun 21st 2023

A highly-effective and custom nymph pattern developed by Jeremy Davies for Fly Fusion subscribers. Order yours today HERE!

Hook: Scud Hook sz 10-18

Thread: 8/0 Uni-Thread Black

Head: Black bead

Body: Ice Dub Fl Yellow

Thorax: Arizona Dubbing black

Shellback: Uni-Mylar Pearl

Legs: Black goose biots

Tail: Black schlappen fibres

Rib: Black wire


One of a Kind Giveaway!

Thu Jun 15th 2023
Subscribe, renew or gift a subscription for a chance toWIN this one-of-a-kind Elk Hair Caddis art straight from the gallery of world renowned blacksmith artist, Paul Reimer!
(draw date: Sunday June 18)
AND we’ll even send you some FREE flies and an Orvis fly box to get the season started right!

PLUS, for a limited time you can order your own one of a kind steel Elk Hair Caddis created by world-renowned blacksmith artist, Paul Reimer.  The 12-inch high on-of-a-kind fly is mounted to a Kootenay river rock.

Check out Paul’s full gallery of work HERE!

Time-Tested Reviews | Free Fly Shade Hoodie

Sun May 21st 2023

The Free Fly Shade Hoodie very became an essential part of my go-to angling wear through the summer months. I put in a lot of hours on the river and I found the Shade Hoodie comfortable in all situations, whether a dawn-to-dusk float or a more demanding walk-and-wade. The Shade Hoodie provides UPF 50+ so even during scorching days I never felt overheated. The hottest day I fished this summer was 38 degrees Celsius; I did an eight-hour float that day. Between staying well hydrated and wearing the Free Fly Shade Hoodie, not once did I feel any negative effects from the extreme heat.


The hoodie is also lightweight and comfortable. I’m a very standard men’s large in all the clothing I wear, and I found the Shade Hoodie true to size, even after being washed. It fit comfortably in the chest area and fit well length-wise in the arms and on the torso. And not that style is a top priority on the water, but the first time I wore it my kids said it looked great and made me look younger—apparently Free Fly apparel has the ability to not only keep the sun out but also take a few years off! The Free Fly Shade Hoodie a great buy and one I plan to wear well beyond the testing period.


Reviewed by: Derek Bird

168澳洲幸运10官方最新开奖历史|历史开奖号码查询-开奖结果体彩APP下载- 2023澳洲幸运10全国统一开奖直播 Time-Tested Reviews | Orvis Jackson Quick-Dry Pants

Sat May 20th 2023

I ended up putting these pants through some tough conditions and was impressed overall. I fished them in hot weather, and bushwhacked through devil’s club and salmon berries. I butt-slid down slabby rocks and mud slopes. Through all this, the pants didn’t show any visible signs of wear. They’re durable.  My pair fit true to size, if not an inch roomy. I like the high rise and wide back belt loop. A thicker diameter belt fit through the loops and they felt secure. The slight knee gussets were functional and allowed for good mobility while wet. Although, I wish the pockets were cut a little deeper on the outside seam. It’s possible some loose articles could fall out while seated.


The cut, and fabric, make for a sharp look when paired with a nice shirt, and the functional internal cargo pocket (right side only) and orange accents give a sporty nod to the fact that these are pants to fish in. The material feels smooth and lightweight. With added light stretch, these pants are comfortable when wading. The rubber zipper pull bulb is a nice touch, without looking cheap. Quick dry? Yes. In ambient air temperature at 25 degrees Celsius and in direct midday sunlight, they dried completely in under 20 minutes. These are a great buy for any angler in the market for quick-dry pants.


Reviewed by: Derek Bird

Time-Tested Reviews | Semperfli Fly Tying Materials

Fri May 19th 2023

I will admit this was not my first time using Semperfli fly tying products, but it didnt stop me from trying to use them on all of the flies I tied this past summer. I believe the material most people are aware of is their Nano Silk threads—and for good reason. These threads’ strength, especially at as small as 20D, is fairly amazing.

I had not heard of Dirty Bug Yarn but soon fell in love with it. It is basically a dubbing replacement using mottled yarn. Conversely, Semprefli also makes Dry Fly Poly Yarn. If you want to save time, or you can’t bring yourself to enjoy dubbing, they are a great alternative. Semperflis catalog of materials is seemingly endless; I would not hesitate to recommend any of them to anyone.


Reviewed by: Dana Harrison

Time-Tested Reviews | fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

Thu May 18th 2023

My first impression of the Thunderhead Submersible backpack was that it was going to live up to its name. The impressive construction features a fully waterproof, self-healing TRU Zip zipper which seals off the main bag opening. I found the foam padded shoulder straps, lumbar support panel and hip belt made it an extremely comfortable pack for a day of hiking the local rivers as well as late summer deer-scouting trips. It has also been a perfect pack for my boat-based trips as it comfortably stores my raingear, extra fleece, camera, binoculars, spare socks and other small accessories. The bag comes with a set of side straps for securing a rod tube as well as several other Hypalon gear attachment points.   Even in the worst of weather I know I will not have to worry about anything getting remotely damp or wet!


Reviewed by: Brian Chan

Time-Tested Reviews | Rep Your Water Sun Hoody

Wed May 17th 2023

Recently, my daughter asked me why, almost every day, do I wear the same blue hoodie I bought at the visitors’ centre in Grande Cache?

I wasn’t sure how to answer her. Am I getting old as dirt? Perhaps. But also: when I find something I like, I stick with it. Which is why it’s been such a treat—and a bit of a relief, I suppose—to have found a new favourite hoodie.

The RYW Sun Hoody is a Merino wool blend that fits and feels right. It’s soft and light and breathe-able while being protective of the summer-season elements (UPF 30+), but also great as a base-layer when temperatures start to drop—which they have, at least up here.

Recently, on a wind-whipped stream at 1,600 metres I found myself thankful for the shirt’s oversized hood, and then later, tucked into my camper, I was glad for its supple, slightly-stretchy material as I slid into my sleeping bag. I don’t usually sleep with a shirt until I get to know it a little better, but what can I say? I was genuinely seduced: Rep Your Waters donates three per cent from every purchase to conservation groups.

Supporting our local conservation orgs isn’t something we all tend to make time for. I’m not saying buying a shirt is the same as volunteering for your local TU, but if a company is showing that they’re willing to walk the walk when it comes to giving back to our rivers, I’m certainly willing to give their line-up due consideration if I’m in the market for new gear.

RYW’s Grass Merino Sun Hoody suits my needs. It has the utilitarian mark of simple, quality design and because its materials are naturally odour-reducing (thanks, Merino sheep!), whether Im picking off small rainbows in a shallow riffle of picking up kids after school, I can wear it as my daily-driver.

Now, if my daughter asks why I always wear the same hoody, at the very least, I have an answer.


Reviewed by: Bob Covey

Time-Tested Reviews | Ahrex Hooks

Tue May 16th 2023

As I hope they have been for many tyers, for years Ahrex has been my go-to brand for streamer hooks. I was familiar with the black nickel-finish, the chemically-sharpened hook points and the obvious passion for fly tying and fly fishing that the company is rooted in. I knew what to expect from the Danish brand in that sense. What I did not expect, however, was to be sent for product testing a selection of large, wide hooks designed specifically for salt water. Confession time: I’ve never fished the salt, and I’m not ocean-bound anytime soon. Thankfully, many of Ahrex’s extensive salt-aimed hooks are “crossover” hooks. My testing grounds wouldn’t be totally out of the hook’s target waters. However, to truly put the product through the ringer, I knew I had to find heavy, toothy fish. Thinking creatively, I tied up a series of Paul Monoghans reverse bulkheads—a non-traditional pike fly which, because of its reverse-tied fibres, are light and easy to cast. But just like there are no saltwater species in my homewaters, neither are there any pike. Instead, with this baitfish profile I’d be going for big, aggressive bull trout.
I’m happy to report there were minimal issues with locating the target species, and there were absolutely zero issues with the hooks. The points stayed sharp, the fish stayed on (even with the barbs filed off) and not once was I worried about a hook bending or twisting. For the indefinite future, Ahrex will remain my go-to.


Reviewed by: Dana Harrison

Time-Tested Reviews | Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket

Mon May 15th 2023

Having a good wading jacket is the difference between staying on the water and running for shelter. I’m a believer in the notion that there is no such thing as poor weather, just bad gear. Simms has made a name for itself creating innovative products that work, day after day. I like that the G3 jacket is made with three layers of Gore-tex to keep you dry, likewise, it’s nice to see companies designing double-cuff systems. Waterproof, windproof and, considering those attributes, extremely breathable, the G3 Guide Wading Jacket is iconic for a reason: it’s the perfect combination of protection from the elements and mobility to engage with them.


Reviewed by: Derek Olthuis

2023 Stimmies Awards

Thu May 4th 2023

We are excited to officially welcome submissions to the 2023 Stimmies Awards!

Building off the current momentum of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, the Stimmies Awards recognize top emerging and professional filmmakers and encourages creative fly-fishing films that celebrate our community.

Submit your project in one of two categories – short and feature-length film – via the our easy-to-use award submission platform –> HERE!  Entries will be accepted until May 31.

The top 10 films will be selected by an internal committee and then the top films will participate in a month long public vote, supported by a massive social and web campaign, reaching thousands of voting anglers around the world.  The winning film will take home bragging rights, $1,000, and will be considered for inclusion as an Official Selection of the 2024 International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

May the Fourth be with You Subscription Sale!

Wed May 3rd 2023

We are celebrating May the 4th (be with you) by offering a FREE Thursday Night Live fly tying pack with every subscription (while supplies last).  These top patterns were selected by the TNL team and include one tied fly and materials for 5 more – complete with video instructions for tying!

Don’t miss out!  Subscribe, renew or gift now to get yours today —> Click here to order


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